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İlkay Demirdağ

Ilkay Demirdag is senior presenter and event host at SustainFinance. She is is a globally recognized and highly resourceful Investment and Impact Strategist with extensive multinational experience. Ilkay is a dual citizen of Turkey and the UK, with over 20 years in Investments, Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning, Investor Relations, and Sustainability with measurable performance. She led and advised conglomerates, multinational corporations, and private equity firms across the UK, Turkey, and Bahrain.

Throughout her career, Ilkay has been involved in the investment cycle from deal origination, due diligence, mergers & acquisition, asset management, and exit with measurable value creation. She has been instrumental in leveraging her diversified experience in creating and maximizing value and impact for all stakeholders while capitalizing on cross-functional team leadership. She primarily covered and analyzed regulated markets (energy, telecom, infrastructure) in developed and emerging markets.

Ilkay is widely commented on as a thought leader and activist in sustainable economic development and a subject matter expert for ESG factors. She drives change in individuals, organizations, and society through inspiration, awareness, impact, and transformation. She takes an active part in leading NGOs as a Board Member to make a measurable impact on people and the planet.